Chemical Badges FAQs

Is the cost of the analysis included in the price? Yes Do you accept purchase orders? Yes we will just need to get some information to get that set up What is the turn around time once the badge is received at the lab? It usually takes 2 to 3 business days to get the results from the test. Do you offer expedited service? We can overnight badges to you and the price just depends on your location. Call for quotes What do you recommend if we are over the exposure limit? Changing work practices including increasing exhaust ventilation, checking work station or making sure the vent hood is working properly. Do the badges include instructions on how to administer the test? Yes all badge orders contain detailed instructions on the proper way to get accurate results. How often should we be testing? This will depend on the governing body and standards you need to meet. Consult with the authority having jurisdiction over your organization. Here is a link to OSHA, NIOSH and the joint commission website. Feel free to call our customer service (615-387-9535) line and they will help with any questions you have. Do the badges meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements? Yes, the badges meet all requirements of both. Do I need to use a blank when conducting my testing? No blank is needed when you are testing.